miniature guitar supplier and manufactories miniature guitar from Bali Indonesia Miniataure guitar supplier is the miniature supplier from Bali Indonesia for wholesale only, we only accept for minimum order more to 1 cubic maters. Bali is your working partner in Bali and we make long term relationship with all our clients .
Guitar electric, guitar acoustic, guitar bass and drum kits, all in exclusive model made in Bali Indonesia
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Guitar miniature factories
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miniature guitar factories, guitar miniature supplier from Bali is the miniature suplier and buying agent for wholesale only, We accept the order in minimum up to 1 cubic meter or minimum purcaising US $ 1000, We need your trust to us as your working partner in Bali, we want that we make long term relationship.

Pleace an Order :
Once you decided to order, please state the product code, quantity and all the information needed by click our contact We will immediately check the price of the item and minimum order we can do it, we will contact you back as quickly as we can.

Payment :
We will inform you by quotation of Proforma Invoice of the full cost of your order.
Our standard terms of payment as bellow:
Because this business is low profit. so we accept the payment in 2 step:
step 1) We need 50% deposit from total purcaishing Final invoice as our confirmed
step 2) 50% on dispatch. You will required to pay the deposit when you confirm your order and we will keep informed about the outstanding balance of your order via email. We dispatch the completed order when we received your final payment, because we need to pay all the workers when we take the goods, we can't take the goods without paying. ussually we got the ballence payment ( from our clients ) in one week before we send the packages.
The payment can be processed by Bank transfer, from all the country. you can see our bank account in the bottom of Invoice that you have when you make an order.

Pricing :
Our products prices are not indicated on our online catalogue as the price may vary depending on quantity ordered and the terms and condition of sales. We shall keep informed regarding the updated price and sales promotion, for more details please contact us when you have any inquiries. Quotes/ prices/ products from the website are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Production lead times :
As our products are hand made and made to order, the lead time of each products if varies depend on the item, order quantities and our production load. We will keep you inform our production progress via E-mail. usually our production lead time not more than 2 weeks from we got your deposit payment.

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Bali miniature supplier

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We are supplier, buying agent and exporter all of miniature product made in Bali Indonesia