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miniature guitar shop and miniature drum kits replica made by profesianla craftsment from Indonesia
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Miniature guitar individual boxes

Miniature music instrument wholesale and manufactore from Bali indonesiaminiature guitar replica in the best one shoping miniature productsMiniature guitars replica made in Indonesiacheap price miniature guitar is our online business supplying the finest quality, hand crafted miniature music instrument. We are manufacturer and exporter the miniature products with highest standards along with responsive and effective customer support.

We are the miniature supplier in wholesale only, so our products very cheap price, we put low profit from our customer for have long relationship in our business. My Motto is "your shop is our shop too", in here you can give your customer batter price and batter quality, so you get good selling every time in your shop due to we have many order from you latter. Ok.. ^_^

Our miniature products rage from miniature acoustic guitar, Miniature Electric Guitar, Miniature Bass guitar replica, Miniature Drum set, miniature Violin & Biola, Miniature Piano, Miniature Benjo Guitar, Miniature Drum Ketipung, Miniature amplifire, hard Case for miniature guitar, mini statue or Figure. As well as an interesting selection of accessories, such as keyring, mobile magnet, etc. Our miniature music instrument made of wooden as well as in many varieties of metal and elegant airbrush hand painting.



Miniature guitar with Painting inspirated by Album cover femous band around the worlds

Miniature guitars Cover Album Bob marley, miniature guitar Black Sabbath and ACDC

Miniature Guitar Bob Marley, miniature Guitar ACDC and Miniature Guitar Black Sabbath in the Album "Mop Rules" miniature guitars with airbrush painting inspirated by Femous Album cover.
Nice coloring and design.
please click the picture to find our other miniature guitars Album cover products...

Pantera "TrendKill" Album cover in the Miniature Guitars, The Doors Jim Morison and Motor Head in Album Ace Spades. miniature guitar with Album Cover femous band around the worlds..
please click the picture to find our other miniature guitars Album cover products..

Miniature Guitar Motorhead, Pantera and The doors

Miniature guitars Gun roses, Motley Crue and Metalica

Miniature Guitars Gun n Roses "Use Your Illusion II", Miniature Motley Crue "Dr. Feelgood" and Metallica "And Justice for All" Miniature guitars Airbrush painting design inspirated by cover Album Femous Band aorund teh world
please click the picture to find our other miniature guitars Album cover products..

Acoustic guitar miniature Bob Marley in the single "Iron Lion Zion", miniature guitars Bob Dylan and Johny Cash middle finger. Nice graphic when painting in the miniature guitars
please click the picture to find our other miniature guitars Album cover products..

Miniature guitars Acoustic Bob Dylan< Bob marley and Johny Cash



Miniature Legend Music Figure Made in Bali Indonesiabest price miniature music figure Miniature statue figure with teh guitars

New Items and Custom Orders
We regularly add new lines to our catalog and expand the items available in current lines. We are available to produce custom orders to suit our clients needs and are also able to develop new miniature products and designs including Balin miniature product handicraft with our up to date technical equipment.

Handmade Minature products may not be exactly the same as photograph shown on our website due to it was taken by digital camera. However, miniature product will be similar of image, size, color as mentioned. Our Miniature Bali products are totally handmade, the color, size, weight, and pattern may be slightly different from the catalogue.

Please feel free to drop us any contact whenever you require

Miniature guitar manufacturer and wholesaler


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